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With A Name Like Bacon!

     Tiffany Bacon is a 2009 Blazing Star finalist for the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce and a 2000 Forbes Female Executive honoree.

     Toot Sweet is a joint effort between Tiffany and Brian Bacon, married over twenty-two years with six wonderful children.  Toot Sweet is Austin’s sweetest bakery & dining experience. Our oversized gourmet cupcakes are the talk of the town! Our professional boxed lunches will have your client’s raving!

     We continue to grow our menu to offer the finest breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner items to please both the sweet tooth and the health conscience!  Our desserts are made with top-quality ingredients including organic and all-natural ingredients. We use only the finest European chocolates for an opulent not bitter taste. Sweet cream butter gives our butter-cream frostings a delicately smooth texture and a light yummy flavor.

     Our desserts are derived from traditional, classic recipes. Like the kind you might have had when you were a kid! We’ve updated these traditional flavors to reflect a growing cultural interest in diverse flavor sensations. So our chocolate is nostalgic and neat at the same time. Our butter cake harkens back to the real butter cake grandma used to make for the holidays.

     Our treats are made especially for you and delivered to your door the same day! From weddings, birthdays, black tie, brunch, dinner, business or school luncheon – we offer beautiful and tasteful presentations.

We aim to home-produce as much as possible for the best quality! Our delicious cakes, pastries, lunches, platters, meals, and sweets are produced in our own kitchens – and we use herbs from our gardens when in season. We also strive to buy local, embrace strong values that we teach our children about hard work and great service to others!


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